Speech Therapy

In-person & online speech therapy

Speech Therapy

If you or a relative needs treatment or assessment from an experienced speech therapist — we can help.

Our team of qualified multilingual speech and language pathologists work with adults and children experiencing all types of speech, language and communication difficulties.

We provide treatment and consultation at our clinic in Hong Kong, at several international schools in the area, or via telehealth all over the world.

To book an appointment with one of our speech therapists—please contact us using our convenient online booking form.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy helps people identify, understand, and overcome problems with verbal communication. It can also assist people experiencing difficulties swallowing food and drink safely (ASHA Scope of Practice in SLP).

Speech therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based techniques in treatment, such as:

  • Language delay in children with developmental disorders

  • Common speech disorders, like stuttering and speech-sound disorders

  • Communication difficulties due to brain injury, stroke, or dementia

  • Social communication challenges for children and students with autism

  • Children and students with hearing impairments;

  • Voice disorders; and

  • Accent modification

Since the neurological systems involved in communication are so complex—accurate assessment of speech and language difficulties is essential to successful treatment.

Our speech therapists are experts at administering standardized and informal assessments, to gain a full understanding of speech and language disorders in people of all ages.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

For all speech, language and communication issues—early intervention from a speech therapist usually results in better long-term outcomes.

Untreated communication difficulties in infants, children and teens can lead to:

  • Poor academic performance

  • Continual delays in development

  • Difficulty bonding with parents and caregivers; and

  • Social difficulties

In adults with communication and social issues, struggles in the workplace and relationships are common. The lack of confidence that often accompanies speech problems can undermine career progression, and inhibit the development of social and intimate relationships.

In cases of brain injury—not receiving prompt treatment for a newly developed communication impairment can increase overall treatment time and reduce the prospects of any recovery.

Speech therapy has several applications outside of illness and disorders. Many bilingual people utilize speech therapy for accent reduction and clearer articulation. Speech therapists can also help with public speaking, improving conversational skills, and working on clarity and overall effectiveness of verbal communication.

Speech Therapy in Hong Kong

A person who delivers speech therapy is called a speech and language pathologist (sometimes abbreviated to SLP, speech pathologist, or speech therapist).

In order to be a member of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST) or the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists (HKIST), a person must have completed an undergraduate or master’s level qualification at a recognized university. They can then apply for registration with one or both organizations.

To maintain status as a registered speech therapist in Hong Kong (with either accrediting body), members must engage in ongoing learning and development, plus maintain high professional standards. All of our speech therapists are either locally qualified or maintain overseas recognized licenses.

What to Expect at Our Clinic

When you contact our clinic, you will be matched to the therapist best suited to meet the needs of yourself, your relative, or your child.

The initial step is assessment, which may take place over one or more sessions. During the assessment, your speech therapist may ask your permission to see relevant medical reports and to talk to other involved health professionals. They might also liaise with teachers and gather background information from family members.

Once the assessment is completed, you and the speech therapist will discuss the findings and agree on a treatment plan going forward.

Treatment might include one or a combination of the following:

  • Play-based games and exercises with children

  • Advice to parents and teachers around supporting a young person’s language development

  • Establish a literacy programme to address reading and writing difficulties

  • Prescription of home therapy and learning exercises

  • Practical strategies to manage stuttering and articulation difficulties

  • Guidance around regaining verbal, reading and writing abilities after a stroke or brain injury

  • Select appropriate Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) options

The length of treatment varies and is determined by factors specific to the individual, their condition and their environment.

Our goal is always to help people communicate effectively and independently, ideally reducing the future need for intensive and ongoing therapy.

Why Choose Us?

We are a small group of highly experienced and dedicated speech therapists, committed to enriching the lives of the clients and communities we serve.

Our practice owner and founder, Arthur Fang, opened his Hong Kong speech therapy clinic in 2012. As demand for his services grew, Arthur selectively expanded the clinic with other practitioners who share his passion for changing lives through high-quality speech therapy.

In recognition of the fact that speech and language difficulties often coexist with psychological and emotional challenges, a trilingual clinical psychologist and English-speaking clinical psychologist are also based in the clinic.

When you choose Arthur Fang & Associates, you can be confident in the knowledge that:

  • You will be seen by a fully qualified and experienced professional, with the skills needed to help with your situation.

  • Treatment will be tailored to your individual needs, interests, goals and desires.

  • All assessments, treatment plans and fees will be communicated upfront and discussed with you before they commence.

  • You and your loved one will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

To book an appointment with one of our speech therapists—please contact us using our convenient online booking form.